On Sunday, March 31st there will be a FREE Ripon Community Egg Drop at Ripon High School. Thousands of eggs will be dropped from a firetruck for kids of all ages to collect. Plus each egg will be filled with a fun surprise!

 Not only do the kids get the fun, but teens and adults too. In addition to the egg drop, there will be pizza, root beer kegs, and a live band!


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After the event, Ripon Community Church will be hosting their Easter service in the Ripon High School auditorium.

  • Easter event starts at 5pm
  • Egg drops start at 5:15pm and will run every 15minutes by age groups (infant-3,4-7,9-12)
  • Pizza and soda will be served at 5:15pm
  • Band starts at 5:15pm
  • RCC’s easter service starts at 6:30pm